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Hey Beloved! Your calling is more than the work you do. In the world, your calling is your vocation. In Christ, your calling is an invitation from God to have a relationship with Him, to become who He called you to be, do the good works He created you to do, enjoy the life He planned for you. Join Krista Pettiford each week for a conversation that explores how to live out your calling through every season of life with clarity, confidence, courage, and authenticity. Krista is a mom of four young adults and an empty-nester. She is an award-winning author and speaker and the host of the annual Called Conference. Krista led the women’s ministry for more than twelve years and still leads prayer ministry at her local where she's been a member for more than twenty years. Krista has a B.A. in Biblical Studies from Southern California Seminary and an A.S. in Computer Science. By day she is an IT Manager for a large corporation in Southern California where she lives near her children and family.
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Jun 6, 2020

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My guest for episode #8 is Sharon Pearce, the founder and executive director of Silent Voices Pregnancy Care Center. 

I reached out to Sharon when I shared my story of having had an abortion at our annual women's conference several years ago and then had several women come to me silently via texts and email to thank me for sharing my story and to share their stories with me. I reached out to her to be able to refer some for follow-up who need more counseling. Then a few months ago a saw Sharon at a ministry event and asked her to be on the podcast. During our chat, Sharon shared her story of working in the abortion industry and how that affected her to the point of a mental breakdown, and how God in His mercy healed her and lead her to start Silent Voices to help women make the decision to keep their babies. Sharon's mission is to help women make the decision to keep their babies and to support them through motherhood, and bring healing to those women who have had abortions. Maybe you've never had an abortion but you've experienced God's grace giving you beauty for the ashes of something you've been through. Maybe you know someone who's had an abortion. If so, would you please share this podcast with them. Either way, I'm sure as always that you will see a little of yourself in Sharon story of God's love, acceptance, and beauty shaping her identity and the way she lives out her faith.

What Silent Voices Offers:

Silent Voices offers a host of confidential services including free pregnancy tests, counseling and loving support to women facing unplanned or crisis pregnancies who often feel pressured to have an abortion throughout their pregnancies. Silent Voices has two support groups - Bridges to Motherhood for any woman who is either pregnant or has recently had a baby, who is looking for support, friendship and assistance and Post Abortion Healing & Recovery Group which is done as a weekend experience, plus Bible Studies. They also offer sex, pregnancy, and abortion education, natural family planning, as well as help and counseling for those women who choose to have abortions.  

  Sharon's Motto/Verse:

"Sing, O barren one, who did not bear; break forth into singing and cry aloud, you who have not been in labor! For the children of the desolate one will be more than the children of her who is married,” says the Lord." (Isaiah 54:1)

You can donate to help with the mobile unit here:

Going mobile will allow Silent Voices/Real Choices to meet women where they are, and to help them in their most vulnerable moments by providing a Free Ultrasound on the Mobile!

Volunteer with Silent Voices:

Silent Voices on Facebook

Sow A Bible into Silent Voices Bible Studies through Gardeness Ministries

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